Based in the UK, RarePink.com offers the world’s most affordable and most popular Custom Engagement Rings, designed to order online. Buyers are able to choose from a variety of styles, stones, and metals to create an engagement ring that’s truly unique.

Rare Pink partnered with PullRankMedia to grow from a small start-up company and to give their business the boost it needed to really get going.

Our Impact

The data we drew through Google Analytics and through our marketing efforts were tracked year-to-year so that we could truly see how far we had been able to help them come.

In just one year, we helped RarePink.com double their revenue and draw in more business than ever before. Not only that, but we also grew their visitors by over 100,000 users.

The best part? Our team not only increased the amount of organic traffic being driven to their site, but we reduced the percentage of users coming from Google Paid searches. In other words, more of their users were coming and bringing in money as opposed to being a cost to the business.

growth in year one
year two

Why It Matters

Through our efforts, Rare Pink was able to effectively increase their profit margin and create a business that not only doubled in profit, but went from being a start-up to being a multi-million dollar company.

PullRankMedia has partnered with countless businesses to help them increase their own profit margin and growth. We’ve seen businesses that are just starting out rise to become industry leaders.

Does this sound like something you’re ready to get started with? Contact us now and we’ll help you expand your business.

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