GBS_250x250 is an organization dedicated to finding quality African-American speakers for various events. The organization is hosted by Dr. Boyce Watkins, who leads world-renowned African American and ethnic speaking events to thousands of organizations.

GreatBlackSpeakers worked with PullRankMedia to perform search engine marketing tactics to increase their business and grow their organization. Together, we made a lasting impact on their brand.

Our Impact

As a company supporting Great Black Speakers through search engine marketing, we focused our efforts on keyword research and discovering how to help them rank. We looked at areas of their business where they could be driving more traffic and generating more leads.

Next, we examined their backlink profile to identify strong links that could be built to grow their company and expand their reach. Through our work, we ended up building one thousand backlinks to their site.

Our efforts to stand behind have allowed us to watch the business grow and flourish and to continue to produce amazing results.

great black speakers

Why It Matters

We believe in creating a better world through our work, and by partnering with Great Black Speakers we were able to do just that. We empowered people from different backgrounds and helped them realize their full potential.

At PullRankMedia you aren’t just another client, you’re someone we care about. We truly want to see your business grow and help support your cause.

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