Is Google the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in America?

The quick answer is “no”. They’re not selling to Peter to pay Paul… or wait a second. Well whatever they’re doing, it is unnerving what we see happening now with greater and greater prowess. Google is making SEO harder and harder, penalizing hard working SEO companies who happened to choose an SEO tactic that Google decides is no longer relevant (or even worse blacklisted). As SEO becomes harder and harder, and more and more volatile, it forces business owners to depend more and more (and spend more money on) Google Adwords… Google makes more money. Google NEEDS more money because it’s a publicly traded company and has to report to share holders sooo: it continues the cycle. Creating Adwords dependency is not only important to Google, it’s ESSENTIAL. How do you as a business owner break the cycle? You can’t. But it doesn’t mean you have to play ball… you should go about doing the things we have promoted from the beginning: create the content that your clients will value REGARDLESS of what Google does. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the game.

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